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4 Things To Do In Preparation For Moving

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Hiring local movers comes with many perks. The professionals are conversant with your local area road network, so they know the best roads for a smooth moving experience. Also, the experts can help you take shortcuts, reducing overall costs and saving time. 

Moreover, local movers understand the weather patterns in your location. Hence, they can advise you about the best time to move, to avoid accidents due to slippery roads caused by heavy rains and other elements.

To save time and improve efficiency, here are some preparations you can do as you wait for the moving company to arrive.

Donate and Sell Items

If you have items you don't need, such as clothes, toys, furniture, utensils, and shoes, you can sell or donate them to your favorite charity organization. This move will help you reduce unnecessary clutter and make packing easier. You may not realize how much clutter you have until you start packing. So, you should start sorting out the items you don't need earlier.

Inform Your Neighbors

As a courtesy gesture, inform your neighbors in advance about your moving plans. If you were close to some of them, they would feel bad if you moved without telling them. Also, if you live in an apartment complex with shared packing, alerting your neighbors will help them pack appropriately to allow room for the moving truck. 

Moreover, you should alert your leasing professional about your plans so that they can prepare the necessary documentation and assist you in moving. For instance, your leasing pro can reserve a parking space or an elevator for you. If they owe you money or you need a refund, early communication will help solve the issue on time.

Hire a Sitter

Moving can be daunting if you have children and pets. You need to hire a sitter to take care of them while you are busy. Children and pets can damage things like electronics if left unsupervised. They can also get injured while playing, or they might get in the way while moving heavy items, putting them at risk of severe accidents. If you don't hire a sitter on time, they may not be available on the day of moving, inconveniencing you.

Park Expensive and Important Valuables Independently

If you have expensive or high-value belongings such as jewelry and collector's items, you should pack them yourself. Also, if you have other bulky valuables like artwork, you can take photos of them before the professionals arrive. This precaution will help you make an insurance claim if the items get damaged while in transit.

Reach out to a local moving service to find out more.