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Three Tips For Moving From A Large Apartment Into A Studio Apartment

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Sometimes changing from a larger space to a smaller space can actually make your life more full. If you are a single person or a couple who is interested in downsizing from a one or two bedroom place to a studio, this can actually lead to a positive change in lifestyles. If you downsize to a studio from a larger apartment, you will need to begin to downsize your items as well. Here are some ideas for downsizing while packing to move from a two bedroom into a studio apartment. 

Measure the cupboards and take what is necessary

One of the last places that people think about when downsizing to a studio apartment is the cupboards. Many people have plates, pots, and pans that are unnecessary or are rarely used. Measure the cupboard space inside of the new studio apartment. Afterward, measure the space at your old space. Get rid of the dishes that would take up more than the amount of space that your new cupboards will not hold. After you have cleared out unnecessary cupboards, pack up your dishware in a labeled box so that it is handled gently during the move. 

Hire movers to get the big furniture moved in

If you are not sure about how the furniture can fit inside of a smaller space that may have small walkways and doors, you should hire movers. Movers are experienced with transporting items into small spaces such as studio apartments. Allow the movers to pack up and handle the large items that must go to your new studio apartment, such as the bed, dresser, and televisions. Movers will easily maneuver these items into the home so that you don't have any problems figuring out the new, tight fit. 

Redefine space

One of the best things that you can do for a happy move into a studio apartment is to redefine the space in a way that can work for you. For instance, if you have a large closet, you may wish to push a full-size bed inside of the closet in order to have a private and separate sleeping area. If you wish to have a working area, you can set up a computer niche that is inside of one of the storage closets and install a small armoire in one of the corners of the room that will hold your items. Redefine the space inside of a studio based on your life's needs in order to increase your quality of life by decreasing square footage. 

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