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Preparing Your Freshwater Fish Aquarium For A Move To A New Home

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If you have just signed a lease on a new apartment, and you have a fish aquarium that you have set up in your current living quarters, chances are you will want to transport it to your new home. Moving a large aquarium setup will require you to do some preparations to ensure the components do not become broken while in transit. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your fish safe and their home undamaged when moving to a new apartment.

Purchase A Smaller Aquarium For Your Fish

Before preparing your large tank for a moving truck, it is necessary to find a smaller tank that you can transport in your own vehicle. Moving companies will not move live animals, making it necessary for you to do the job on your own. Visit a local pet store to inquire about the size aquarium your fish will be able to use for the ride to your new home without causing them health risks. If you are unable to transport larger fish safely because of their size, ask the pet store if they would be interested in taking the fish for you. You will then need to purchase new ones when you get your aquarium set up in your new home.

Protect The Smaller Components From Wear

Remove all decorations from the interior of your fish tank in addition to any heaters, filtration systems, or lighting you have set up. It is best to move the tank without any items inside so they do not cause potential scratching of the glass. Make sure to save some of the aquarium rocks instead of throwing them away as they will retain beneficial bacteria needed to get your freshwater tank back up and running at your new home. Wrap each of the components inside a piece of bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Place these items inside a box and label the container appropriately.

Prepare The Tank For The Move

Your fish tank's glass needs to be well-protected from potential impact. It is best to fill the tank with packing peanuts to aid in providing a layer of cushioning. First, place a piece of cardboard cut to fit each side of the aquarium and tape the pieces over the interior glass sides to help keep it from becoming scratched. The exterior glass should also be covered with pieces of cardboard. After the tank's glass is covered and the interior is filled with foam pieces, slide the tank into a large cardboard box with a layer of additional foam pieces along the bottom. After it is in place, fill the voids with even more foam. Tape the box shut. It is best to alert the moving service workers of the contents of the container so they can place it an appropriate location in their truck.

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