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Managing Your Self-Storage Unit As You Head Back To College

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As a college student, one of the best ways to manage your belongings is by keeping your items inside of a storage unit. A storage unit is a great place to keep your belongings when you go home for the summer, and it is a great way to manage all of your seasonal items throughout the school year.

What to Get Out of Storage

As the school year starts, you are going to want to head to your storage unit and get out the items that you are going to need to move into your room at school. If you are moving larger items, such as a mattress set, you are going to want to rent a moving truck or vehicle to help you move your items.

There are various items that you should get out of your storage unit and pack up to head back to school. First, you want to get out all of your appliances that you will need to use, such as your toaster, coffeemaker, and refrigerator. Next, you want to get out your electronic items that you may have packed up, such as your television, fans, white noise machines, or gaming console.

Then, you want to get out any larger furniture items you need, varying from your futon, bed, desk, chair, or couches. Finally, pull out your fall clothing, as you are going to need it sooner rather than later. Rent a moving van or work with a moving service to get all of these items back to your college dorm or apartment.

What to Put in Storage

You are also going to want to transfer some items into storage so that you have easy access to them during the school year. You don't need to get out all of your blankets right away, so keep your blankets stored in clear plastic containers until it actually starts to get cold.

If you are living in a different sized space than before, keep any furniture that you don't need to use right now in your storage unit. College living areas can literally change from one semester to the next. It is not uncommon to live in two or three places over the course of a year as a college student, so you don't want to discard furniture every time it doesn't fit your current living space. Instead, keep it inside of your storage unit.

Next, pack up your clothing into seasonal boxes and put them into storage. Don't pack your winter and summer clothing together. Give them their own, separately labeled boxes. Get the clothing boxes out as you need them. This will help you keep your room less cluttered.

Finally, put seasonal items in your storage unit. You don't need to move your snow shovel into your apartment in August, and you don't need to keep your bike in your apartment in January when it is too cold outside to ride your bike.

Pack up your moving truck with the necessary supplies, such as appliances, furniture, electronic items, and clothing. Put blankets, seasonal clothing, seasonal equipment, and furniture you don't need yet and keep them inside of your storage unit. Your storage unit can be used throughout the year to manage your belongings, not just in the summer to store items until the school year starts.